• Kaisae produces unique, natural and environment-friendly products from natural Bamboo & Wood. We are committed to providing professional services to produce the highest quality products.
  • We always bring value product to the customers when working with us, and for every product sold, 5% of the profit will be exchanged for of trembesi trees which will be planted on the Puntong Sumiak Hills, West Borneo



To become a brand that provides best quality, unique, safe and sustainable product which able to selling in the local and global market.


  1. Promote quality, unique and natural product.
  2. Spreading the spirit of greening and environmental conservation.
  3. Give a good perception and a sense of pride towards local products.
  4. Boost the local artisan/craftsman economy.

Social and Environment Impact

  • Empowerment of Local Craftsmen
We are partner with local craftsmen who come from rural communities who have rare creative potential and should be developed in their marketing, as well as we assist so that they can produce the best, unique, modern products using selected raw materials that are responsible.


  • Empowerment of Housewives
Not only with local craftsmen, we also strive to provide training and empowerment to mothers around the company's location to make products from waste so that they have a selling value and become one of the "Best Seller" environmentally friendly products to date.


  • Utilization of Waste into Products
One of the products from the garbage that we use is called "Grassdoll" or a doll that can grow grass. Made from sawmill waste, the utilization of the remaining sawdust helps reduce waste and has an impact on reducing the danger of the greenhouse effect because generally the waste will be burned and produce carbon emissions that are harmful to ozone.
  • Minimal Waste Production Process
Kaisae is also committed to making efforts to produce products that are minimal in waste and is also responsible for the packaging that accompanies the products to be shipped. that is, by packaging the product safely, using recyclable or reusable packaging. So it does not have a negative impact on the environment.



  • Participate in Greening Indonesia
For every product sold at Kaisae, 5% of the profit will be exchanged for a number of Trembesi trees to be planted in Indonesia, which means that buyers also care about the sustainability of nature. And Kaisae collaborated with an NGO @Lindungihutan to plant trambesi trees in one area in Indonesia, namely in West Kalimantan, in the Puntong hill area, Sumiak.


Kaisae For Export

We want to expand KAISAE's business to the global market. We want to introduce our products more widely to help those who have an eco-friendly lifestyle and love unique products. We open opportunities for global businessmen to cooperate in marketing our products.
Don't hesitate to contact our export marketing Bagus (+62) 81519922448
Brand Name
Company Name
PT. Global Natura Kreativa
100% natural bamboo
Business Gift, Farewell Gift, Corporate Merchandise, Client Gift, Graduation Gift, Graduation Gift.
100 pcs
Production Capasity
600 pcs/ month (mix)
TARIC code
4421910000 4420190000
Holiday selection
Mix Order
Box, carton, calico fabric
Customized logo acceptable (Laser engrave)
L/C, T/T, western Union, Paypal payment methods
NIB  : 19 11 21 00 44663 NPWP : 53.169. 598. 9-404.000
Contact Person
Bagus Rakhmanto (WA) : (+62) 815 1992 2448