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Q : What size are kaisae Gift Boxes ?
A : Regular box, large box, small box
Q : How much will the gift cost?
A : The price may vary according to the items you put inside your box or the premade package you choose, so you can cater it to your budget.
Q : How many items can I fit inside the Kaisae box ?
A : It depends on the type of product, but on average there are only 5 products
Q : Can I just order the gift items only, without the box?
A : of course, you can do
  • Orders

Q  : How do I order Kaisae products?
A. : Select the product to be ordered, select the card then write the contents of the card, then check out then confirm the order via WhatsApp
Q : How do I change my booking?
A : If you haven't checked out yet, you can "delete" the product and replace it with another product.
Q : Can I cancel my order?
A : If you have checked out and made a payment for the product ordered, the product ordered cannot be canceled.
Q : Can I track my order?
A : Of course, we will send the order receipt via WhatsApp
  • Payment

Q : What are the payment options available?
A : Payment can be made using Bank Transfer and confirm payment Via WhatsApp.
  • Delivery

Q : Can I choose a date for delivery ?
A : Of course, you can choose the delivery date according to the event, it would be better if the order was made in advance to avoid delivery delays
Q : What kind of delivery service will kaisae provide?
A : Kaisae provides delivery service through courier services which range from SICEPAT (covers all Indonesia area) & GoSend (covers Jabodetabek area). POS Indonesia, Lion Parcel
Q : Can I deliver the gift to other cities?
A : Kaisae is available for deliveries throughout the Indonesia area 
Q : Is international shipping available?
A : Of course, we can send products to all countries, for the expedition we will help choose the best one.
Q : Can I send it directly to the recipient?
A : Absolutely, you can fill the delivery address with your recipient’s details and we’ll send it directly to them!
Q : How many days for delivery?
A : the whole process From your order to delivery takes time about 2-7 days, depending on the product ordered and the number of products 
Q : Can I pick up the order directly?
A : Of course, you can pick up at our office address during business hours and days.
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Q : What if I have other questions that need to be answered?
A : For other inquiries, please reach us through WhatsApp +62 815-1992-2448 and email kaisae.co@gmail.com
Q  :What if I had special requests?
A  : If you have special requests regarding specific delivery date or details of your gift box, please kindly WhatsApp us +62 815-1992-2448